Our family  - along with 3 other home schooling families -  is hoping to gather a large group to go to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden on December 11th. It is a home schoolers discount day…the children’s price is reduced from $18 per child to $10 per child. Our group right now has students in all grade levels…from K-12. Let me know whether your family is  interested in joining us and will gladly add your names to our group. We are now waiting for one of the aquarium staff coordinators to contact us to confirm our event. I will send the details to you as soon as we confirm everything.




If you would like to be involved today download skype and look for bgmc_graylaptop or give a call 9733387800

MHSA meets primarily right now on the internet using skype it is extremely simple to use and FREE. In the future there will be local groups.

We can be face-to-face even thought we are not in the same physical room by using technology. If you do not have a skype account click on the icon  and download for FREE. Once you have set up your account and it is very simple to find MHSA. In the directory area look for bgmc_graylaptop and send us your contact info.






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